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Local Guards

Local Guard in Malsysia

Eagle Eye Security is specializes in providing Gurkha Guard Security, Local Premium Guard Services in the provision of Security Personnel throughout the Malaysia. Great care is taken to select the individuals. They are identified at an early stage whilst doing their basic security training. Once they obtain their PPKKM license they are further vetted and a 10 year history check is done on all potential security officers.

The selected officers are further given induction training on the site and operate to comprehensive assignment instructions drafted by specialists. Officers are required to make regular check calls to our 24 hour ERT (Emergency Response Team) in order to confirm that all is well with themselves and the client’s premises.

An Operations Manager will review a client’s site prior to contract, and offer recommendations on the levels of security that are considered necessary. The Company will take into account any specific wishes in terms of their requirements. Operations Managers will visit each client’s site regularly in order to review the requirements and security officers’ performance.

Our Local Security Services provides one or more services in combination aimed at minimizing theft and loss. Eagle Eye Security offers a variety of solutions for different sectors and different occasions. Our services, individually or in combination, include fraud investigations, various levels of access control and store detective who is employed to deter and detect theft in retail outlets.

Organization Security
Whatever the organization, Eagle Eye Security has the professionally trained staff to provide the client with the best innovations in security solutions. Our Kuala Lumpur security guard company will determine how to minimize security threats and will help and organization preserve the security of any environment. A company can ensure all employees of their safety with the quality security guard service supplied by Eagle Eye Security. Our security company provides armed security, physical security, electronic security, security jobs and other security solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals. The maximum in security protection is supplied to keep assets and workers safe.

Our officers are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude and skill. All of our officers endure complete and through background checks, criminal record and fingerprint checks. Our intense preparation and training encompasses hypothetical and practical coursework that focus on:

Secrity Company in malaysia Business Security Law
Security guard Malaysia Business Security Services and Strategies
Security guard services Fire Safety and Fire Safety Guards
Ex-Army neplease security company in malaysia First Aid and Search and Rescue
Security gurad company in malaysia Organization Security Law
Gurkha guard Malaysia Organization Security Services
Security gurad company malaysia Professional Security Service Implementations
Security gurad Selangor Public Decorum and Professionalism
Selengor best security guard Security Services and Public Relations
security guard services company in malaysia Surveillance Techniques
security guard kl Tact and Diplomacy in Delicate Security Situations
Organization Security Services involve an expansive range of needs:
Secrity Company in malaysia Anti-terrorist Security
security guard services company in malaysia Armed Chauffeurs
Armed Guards Armed Guards
security services malaysia
Concierge and Reception Security Services
security services malaysia
Executive Protection Service
security services malaysia Fire Safety Directors and Fire Guards
security services malaysia First Aid and CPR-Certified Officers
security services malaysia Formally-Suited Security Services
security services company International Protection
security services company K-9 Patrol Services
Plain-Clothed Security Guards Plain-Clothed Security Guards
Armed Security Guards Armed Security Guards
Security Guards Security Guards
Security Inspection Services Security Inspection Services
Security Inspection Services Security Inspection Services
Security Patrol Security Patrol
Special Event Security Services Special Event Security Services
Unarmed Security Guard Patrol Services Unarmed Security Guard Patrol Services
VIPs Protection VIPs Protection
Aviation Security Aviation Security

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