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security company in malaysia
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security guard services company in malaysia

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Entering the new millennium and the challenges of globalization, service providers in developing nations are faced with the challenge to compete and excel in a liberalized market place. Service providers are to increase and regenerate their products in line with the expectations of the customers. In the new century, private security organizations are moving towards a new professionalism. This call comes not only from the Ministry of Homes Affairs but also from the Consumers Association of Malaysia. The security guard Service Association of Malaysia and industry leader leaders have begun to express concern over the lack of regulation of the industry, a situation that leads to cutting corners and lowering standards to meet the competitive threat.

Local Guards
Gurkha Guards

Local Guards in Malaysia

We provide various kinds of security services as local security guards, Gurkha security guards, Body guards, Guard Dogs with Handlers, Central Security Monitoring System with Four hundred fully trained and disciplined guards, including those ex-Malaysian Armed /Police personnel are currently deployed at the premises of our clients. Those personnel are given training on all aspects of security requirement while in services with our establishment.


Gurkha Guards in Malaysia

Our company is providing security services in many reigns of in Malaysia as Rawang, Penang, Klang and Kuala Lumpur. We are approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs, Kuala Lumpur to recruit ex-British Army Gurkha, to recruit ex-British Army Gurkha from Nepal to be deployed as security guards in Malaysia. These Gurkha Guards are well trained in all aspect of security service, they are well disciplined, trustworthy and very committed to the tasks entrusted to hem. Majority of them speak fairly good English.

Female Guards

Bodyguards in Malaysia

We will provide you with top notch professional bodyguard services in Malaysia or overseas. We require one week advance notice. The person that can save your life must be someone you really trust, Security professional will ensure you get only the best professionals in the business! Executive Protection is our specialty. We manage a team of highly skilled specialists. Together we will address the selected security plan for the best possible outcome. The skilled professionals included Security Specialists and Security Consultants, Together we come up with a solid security plan for you.


Female Guards in Malaysia

We have a complete range of female security guard solutions and services, delivered by a team of professional and fully licensed and vetted female guards.What could be better? If you need a woman's touch where your security is concerned whether it relates to child care even the need for discretion, we can help. Our female staff can offer services matching the exact standard of our male team. Constantly investing in our staff makes for a stronger service, with our annual skill checks and rigorous vetting system, we can be sure we are offering our customers the best.