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Female Guards

Security Company in Malaysia

Gender discrimination is fast disappearing with many women taking up jobs of men with equal dedication and confidence. One such challenging job is that of lady security for women. Let’s have a glimpse at this interesting career choice.

Qualifications and Training

Lady Security for women should have good communication and interpersonal skills. These lady security guards are trained in self defence, fire safety, first aid, soft skills, etiquette, personality grooming and handling security instruments. They also handle culturally sensitive situations with diplomacy and ensure safety for women.

Places Where Woman Security Guards are Recruited

  1. Lady security guards ensure security for women in hotels, restaurants, women’s hostel, women’s college and garment manufacturing companies which has a large number of women, apart from serving the airline and travel sectors.
  2. Single women travellers are highly benefitted by woman security guards recruited in leading hotels in India where the latter ensure safety for women travellers. More malls are employing women security guard services which ensure safety for women shoppers who feel more secure especially in the basement where cars and two wheelers are parked.
  3. High court has made woman security guards mandatory in government schools for girls in Malaysia. Woman Politicians use the services of lady security officers.
  4. Woman security guards are available in both day and night shifts for surveillance purposes.


Lady security guards have their agency or company logo on the top left chest pocket and upper arm joints. They are equipped with basics like whistles. Though they have shirt and trouser uniform like men.

Recruiting Lady Security

If you are a woman in dire need of lady security in your home or city or need someone to travel with you to another city, you can contact one of the security guard services in your town. You could locate such lady security for women through online sources or referrals too.
Since it is easy to communicate certain problems amongst women, the trend of lady security guards are gaining momentum in many places which are highly used by women. If your place is one such, avail the benefits of lady security guard services and ensure safety for women!



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